Fragrance is one way to create memories

Moment of intersection, the feelings of eternal
Three different fragrances, three different sensations

Mysterious Love (Fresh Floral and Fruity)

The scent smells like the chapters that symphony plays; it has ups and downs. Each layer connects after one another perfectly and smoothly. People are falling into it.

Mysterious Love (Fresh Floral and Fruity)
First Layer : Citrus
Second Layer : Paeonia, Blackcurrant
Last Layer : Sandalwood, Musk



First Love (Sweet Fruit Fragrance)

The sweet scent of green apple and kiwi along with the wildflowers in the valley feels like being in a fairy tale full of fantasy kingdom.

First Love (Sweet Fruit Fragrance)
First Layer : Kiwi, Citrus, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Bergamot,
Lemon and Kumquat
Second Layer : Galbanum, Apple, Pineapple, Lily of the Valley,
Freesia, Nectarine and Pear
Last Layer : Musk, Peach, Coconut and Jasmine



Elegant Love (Camellia Fragrance)

A scent mixes with exquisite flowers scent as well as wood and amber. Its main ingredients: gentle grass scent, floral essence and wood extracts. Fragrance is filled with luxury and fantasy; feels like it's hiding a wonderful secret.

Elegant Love (Camellia Fragrance)
First Layer : Bergamot, Watermelon and Green Fruits
Second Layer : Lilies, Bell Orchid, Jasmine, Camellia and
Orange Blossom
Last Layer : Wood, Musk